Choosing the right surrounding : first step to success !

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By nature, human beings are social creatures. This aspect of our existence was, is and always will be a major key to success or failure in our lives. If you keep a close attention to it, you will find out that your surroundings influence your mood, way of living and decisions for better or for worst.

Being in a toxic surrounding will not only affect who you are as a person, but it will also affect your career, goals and dreams. It will drag you down and pull you to the bottom of the sea.

An individual is sinking in the wate

This surrounding might be your family, friends or the people you follow on social media. Many famous Social Media Influencers such as Lance Stewart and Mike Majlak, went through a period of darkness in their lives (depression, anxiety, feeling lost…) and this was a result of the choices of their surroundings. Now after working on themselves and their environment, they’re not only succeeding but also THRIVING.

Therefore, being in a healthy environment is not only a choice, it’s a necessity for your well-being and happiness. Combining these two things, you will be able to reach new levels of success and after a while you will start reaching your goals. Because changing and choosing the convenient surrounding will push you forward, help you improve and will most definitely help you reach a better version of yourself.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Close friends smiling

These two pictures above showcase the effect of a positive surrounding and a toxic one. It’s only up to you to choose which one you will be a part of. It all starts with self-reflection and by asking yourself a number of questions, such as: How can I determine the nature of my surroundings? If it’s a toxic one, what should I do about it? If it’s a positive one, how can I improve it? What makes a positive surrounding? Is it my fault for being is this position? How can my surroundings make me successful?

Before answering these questions, it’s important for me the WRITER that you the READER feel comfortable digging deep in your thoughts. This isn’t a coaching session, this is a friend reaching out to you, an unknown friend. If you feel lost, stuck and nervous about changing or what it’s going to do to your life. I highly encourage you to push forward and do it if it’s resonates with you. Getting out of your comfort zone and seeking better things in your life is the best gift that you can give to your future self. BELIEVE ME when I tell you, you will never be alone in this process. Now let’s get to how it should be done.

The importance of self-reflection to assess your surroundings

A Man having doubts

It all starts with self-reflection. What I mean by self-reflection in these situations, is to have candid and honest conversations with yourself in order to assess and evaluate yourself and your behaviors. The strangest and most amazing thing about this step is that you will find out that you’re fully aware of everything that goes around you. BUT you choose to shut that voice and keep going. Your surrounding must be aligned with who you are as a person, values, goals and dreams. I’m not asking you to look for the exact replica of yourself but to find a group that has a natural synergy and mutual understanding of each other. If you don’t get reminded or think about your actual surrounding in the last couple of sentences, then you’ve got your answer. You need to act and do something about it, and that’s the hardest thing to do because that’s all you know. And let’s be clear about something, choosing the appropriate entourage for yourself IS NOT SELFISH, following your dreams IS NOT SELFISH, getting rid of what’s slowing you down IS NOT SELFISH.

I’m not asking you to burn bridges either, keeping contact and friendly conversations isn’t harmful. It’s more about the proximity and time spent around them.

Why is it important to choose the right surrounding ?

A man enjoying freedom

Even knowing that, even if you acknowledge that a change must be done. You might ask yourself why would I do it? Why is it important? The answer to those questions is happiness and success. Being in the right surrounding will push you towards getting better every day, will push you towards your dreams. And obviously in that path you will be happy, grateful and motivated. And as you get closer and closer to your dreams, you will find out that it was all worth it. I can’t deny the fact that it’s a process, that it takes effort, work and commitment. But who wouldn’t invest in a long-term happiness? The only difference is in the fact that the result can’t be perceived or reached immediately. Just keep in mind that finding happiness is actually the first step to success. It’s an everlasting circle, happiness creates success, and more success creates happiness.

The difference between hapiness and succes

Think about the great leaders for instance: Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs and even the biggest social media influencers such as Logan Paul, Pewdiepie aka Felix Kjellburg have shown that finding the right surrounding pushed them towards success and happiness, and that’s after a lot of failures, deceptions and mistakes. Their entourage contributed to the level of success that they’re known for these days.

Personally, a few years ago I began to follow these steps and that’s when I realized that my old surrounding wasn’t only stalling me but started pulling me down. So, I decided to act on it and make changes in my life and the way I was viewing things. Last year, I found my group, my surroundings, people that I had synergy with and those were Salaheddine Ouazad and Othmane Zouine. We started working and studying together, pushing each other towards our goals and dreams. Fast forward to this year, each one of us reached our own personal goal. We found our happiness and we’re still pushing forward to achieve our next goals.

Everything shows that it can be done.

Nothing is against you.

Choose your right surrounding.


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